Law firm "ALFA ET OMEGA"



Law company 
address: 6-ti septemvri 152 Blvd., office 106,
Plovdiv, post code 4000,
tel.: +359 32 585130
GSM +359 898 336389



Alfa et Omega is a law firm based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Zdravko Vassilev has been licensed to practice law since April 2000.  Mr. Vassilev has spent most of his time on civil law cases and specifically on issues of tort law. This legal category is related to circumstances in everyday life that can affect each of us:

        Injuries due to motor-vehicle accidents

        Harm caused by acts or on the property of other people

        Libel and damage to a personís reputation as a result of malicious acts

        Injuries, pain and suffering due to medical malpractice

        Wrongful death cases including compensation for the pain and suffering of the relatives of the deceased

Mr. Vassilev also handles family law cases such as divorce, alimony and parental rights issues. He is a representative of licensed organizations working in the field of international adoptions and is hoping to expand that area of his practice.

Additional areas of expertise include registering companies and not-for-profit organizations, out-of-court settlements, notary-registered deals and obtaining Bulgarian citizenship. On a selective basis, Mr. Vassilev is also taking certain criminal and administrative law cases.

Mr. Vassilev believes in full and open communication with his clients. He considers the active pursuit of the clientís interests to be the main part of his job and takes the responsibilities entrusted to him as a matter of utmost importance.